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Fırın sütlaç, from the Turkish cuisine.
In the Turkish "kebapçı" (kebap restaurant) culture, when you ask for a kebap, generally, the restaurant serves (on the house) various little plates of accompanyment for the meat. These may be, as seen in the picture, grilled or caramelized onions, other grilled vegetables like tomato and pepper (or an entire garlic), chopped raw onions (sometimes "killed" with a salt bath) acompanied by chopped parsley and "sumak", çoban salat or another Turkish salad ("mevsim" etc), "ezme" (a pepper-based meze), patlıcan salata (eggplant salad) or aubergine purée and "lebeni", a fresh summer dish (which is sometimes also eaten as a cold soup with added water) with yogurt and "yarma" -a wheat subproduct. All this is -mostly- included in the price of one kebap plate.