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Zastava RS-a
(Zastava RS-a)
:::Voleo bih da ti verujem, ali ne da mi država. --[[Korisnik:Бормалагурски|Бормалагурски]] 00:26, 4 juli 2006 (CEST)
== Zastava RS-a ==
The flag will have to be changed, as with the Federation, by September (ruling by the '''Constituional Court of BiH'''). This is in order to alleviate nationalistic symbols. I mean why does RS need 4S (4C) when it is Bosnia after all. Good decision by the Const. Court. Anyone living in Bosnia should be called Bosnian. Then we can enter smaller ehtnicities (such as:Bosniak, Serb, and Croat).
Pozdrav, [[Korisnik:Kseferovic|Kseferovic]] 00:39, 4 juli 2006 (CEST)