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*U.S. (dry level) bushel = 2150.42 cubic inches, or about 35.239 L <!-- I wonder how customary this is. Isn't it officially being phased out? -->
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The '''acre foot''' is often used in measuring the volume of water in a [[reservoir]] or an [[aquifer]]. It is the volume of water that would cover an [[area]] of one [[acre]] to a depth of one [[foot (unit of length)|foot]]. It is equivalent to 43,560 cubic feet or exactly 1233.481 837 547 52 m&sup3;<sup>3</sup>.
*[[cubic inch]] = 16.387 064 cm<sup>3</sup>
The volume of an object is [[equality (mathematics)|equal]] to its [[mass]] [[division (mathematics)|divided]] by its [[average]] [[density]]. This is a rearrangement of the calculation of density as mass per unit volume.
The term ''specific volume'' is used for volume divided by mass. This is the reciprocal of the mass density, expressed in units such as cubic meters per kilogram (m&sup3;<sup>3</sup>/kg).
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