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His first rock climbing (then only climbing) was in 1965 Soon he send alpication to Mountaineering Club in Katowice. In 1966 he pass mountaineering course in Tatra In Dolomites with partners send new route (Direttissima delli Polacci). At this ascent he was hit by stone, but all members of team end route. After this accident he spent 6 days in hospital and return to mountains. Restults: one new route and repeat Aste-Susati on Punta Civetta. He return to Dolomites in winter and do first winter ascent of Via dell'Ideale (soutrh face of Marmolada d'Ombretta).
Summer of 1973 he go to Mount Blanc Massif. With Wojciech Kurtyka and Marek Łukaszewski do new route on Petit Dru (Petit Jean). At this trip he also do four first polish ascents (amont others: Major on Mount Blanc). In 1974 he ascend on Mt. McKinley (now Denali) on Alasca. He has several frostbites on toes and in generally he was weak on high altitiudes. One year later he get married with Cecylia Kukucza. On his honeymoon he do... new route on Grades Jorasses :-).
In 1976 he goes to expedition to Hindukush. He ascent solo Kohe Awal and Kohe Tez. Two years later he return and do two more good ascents.
In 1981 he goes to New Zealand with Krzysztof Wielicki and Ryszard Pawłowski.
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First time in Himalays he was in 1977. He tried Nanga Parbat, but without succes.