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Černobil wrong because obsolete name. The modern name is Čornobil

Under the onslaught of Russian books, unfortunately, you use the Russian name Černobil--Bohdan Bondar (razgovor) 13:09, 6 decembar 2018 (CET)[odgovori]

@Bohdan Bondar:: You are right: Russian influence was too strong. Their versions of names prevailed in Bosnian (and Serbian) language. We will continue to use them for an indefinite period (noone can say how long) because every Bosnian orthography until now has completely left out the rules for transcription of Ukrainian (and Belarusian) language (don't ask me why – I would like to know that more than all of Ukrainians and Belarusians). – KWiki (razgovor) 20:25, 9 decembar 2018 (CET)[odgovori]