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I'm Trizek, community liaison at the Wikimedia Foundation. I'll be your contact concerning Flow. I'm sorry, but I don't write Bosnian, so please translate my message.

I note your community consensus on trying Flow. Thank you!

Can you give me the pages where you want to try it? Usually, we create a sandbox page, to try all possible actions and check up the translations (100% done at the moment, weel done!) and a page to collect feedback (usually Talk Wikipedia:Flow). Flow documentation is available here and can also be translated. In a second time, we will be able to activate Flow on a community page, with a more important traffic (help desk, village pump... your choice). It will be also possible to activate Flow on your personal talk pages (beta feature). Wikimedia Foundation Collaboration team is also working on fixing some bugs on Flow concerning History system, spam issues and moving Topics from one board to an other.

I'll be offline next week, so if you have questions I would answer on week 47. If you really need an answer, please post it on MediaWiki.

I'm really happy to work with you!

Best, Trizek (WMF) (razgovor) 11:34, 6 novembar 2015 (CET)[odgovori]

Hello, Trizek! The sandbox for the project is here and it should be a good place to test out all the nifty stuff Flow has to offer, while the feedback talk page is Razgovor s Wikipediom:Flow (the namespace will be renamed to Razgovor s Wikipedijom:Flow soon, though; just mentioning that in case it has the potential to break stuff). We don't have a particular "important traffic page" in mind yet (we'll discuss it after the sandbox page gets Flow). Personally, I'm more looking forward to Flow being an opt-in Beta feature for one's talk page and can't wait for that to be enabled. The documentation over at MediaWiki will also likely be translated fairly soon(ish). Cheers! -- Srđan 📣  12:16, 6 novembar 2015 (CET)[odgovori]
Hey Srdjan m, and thank you very much for your quick answer and your help.
I've activated Flow on the sandbox. Where is the best place to have Flow's presentation page and feedback talk page? It can be done on MediaWiki if you prefer (and it is easier for the Collab team to watch it).
Also, can you create Šablon:Stranica za razgovor u wikitekstu pretvorena u Flow with a short presentation of Flow, and where people can have some information about this new system?
Concerning Beta feature, we (Collab team) prefer to hold it until we have fixed history and spam problems. We hope to solve most important points in a few weeks.
Best, Trizek (WMF) (razgovor) 12:27, 6 novembar 2015 (CET)[odgovori]
Okay, I'm tired these days... I haven't seen Wikipedia:Flow. :)
So, I've activated Flow on Razgovor s Wikipediom:Flow (and by mistake on Wikipediom:Flow - can you delete it? Thanks.)
Trizek (WMF) (razgovor) 12:30, 6 novembar 2015 (CET)[odgovori]
No worries, Trizek. We're all tired from time to time – the accidental page will be deleted in a bit. I've made the template and I'll make sure to update the description of the local feedback page to let people know they can also send feedback over at MW if they want to. :) -- Srđan 📣  12:46, 6 novembar 2015 (CET)[odgovori]
Great! Thanks a lot for your help Srdjan! Trizek (WMF) (razgovor) 14:26, 6 novembar 2015 (CET)[odgovori]