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    Suggestion[uredi izvor]

    Please, consider registering if you are already contributing in this amount. We have to check your changes and that could be easily avoided. – KWiki (razgovor) 16:31, 2 septembar 2020 (CEST)Reply[odgovori]

    Are you aware that we have to check every single change that you make? Please, register because currently you are just making things difficult for administrators; we are small Wiki. You could be blocked despite the good work that you are doing. – KWiki (razgovor) 16:23, 19 januar 2021 (CET)Reply[odgovori]

    Colors[uredi izvor]

    Please stop changing navbox colors to unreadable combinations. The contrast ratio of the colors you're adding is way too low (can be checked at https://webaim.org/resources/contrastchecker/). – Srđan (razgovor) 15:52, 6 april 2021 (CEST)Reply[odgovori]

    You keep changing the colors to combinations that are simply unreadable (this is a pretty good example) or are below the recommended contrast ratio of the text size that we're using in navboxes (it should be at least 4.5:1; the example above is 1.85:1). I'm sorry, but I'm left with no other option than to progressively increase the block unless you agree to stop making content inaccessible. – Srđan (razgovor) 17:17, 20 juli 2021 (CEST)Reply[odgovori]