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Hi Aktron

I see that you have problems with a vandalisation of your user page. Unfortunetely this is going to be hard to prevent as he or she has dynamic IP and I believe that the banning of the whole domain (71.99.X.X) is not the right way to go. However I could protect your page from modification by unregistered users. Could this be acceptable solution for you? Regards --EmirA 17:31, 10 maj 2007 (CEST)[odgovori]

Yes, do it. I will post then that the unregistered will be able to talk with me on cs.wikipedia talk (the 71.99.xx.xx range was blocked here). Also, I have written on meta about all this to avoid such problems in the future. --Aktron (r|d) 18:36, 10 maj 2007 (CEST)[odgovori]

Hi again, your talk page is semi-protected now. Contact me when you think it is appropriate to remove protection. --EmirA 19:43, 10 maj 2007 (CEST)[odgovori]

Thanks a lot. --Aktron (r|d) 20:25, 10 maj 2007 (CEST)[odgovori]


Please vote here for two proposals for CheckUser status --Kal-El 15:24, 13 juni 2007 (CEST)[odgovori]

Portal Srbija

Take look at Orange.man talk.. Thamks. --Amir pitaj 00:20, 18 januar 2009 (CET)[odgovori]

If he is writing about "alternative history" you don´t gonna take him for real, or do you? Wich kind of history is alternative? Things heppen or not, do you not think so? Or do you realy belive that Maya and Inka has been somewhere in space? :)--Amir pitaj 15:40, 18 januar 2009 (CET)[odgovori]
He is indeed writing about alternative history? I thought that he is publishing ideas about ancient bosnian civilization with pyramids in Visoko :-) However, having a source is also a surplus value for the article. --Aktron (r|d) 01:34, 19 januar 2009 (CET)[odgovori]
Yes indeed! :) The source for his "art of research" is under external links. His own book. :)--Amir pitaj 08:48, 19 januar 2009 (CET)[odgovori]
Well much likely I'd see here some external articles - articles on Oslobodenije or Avaz, some magazines and so on. I think quite a lot of bosnian media reffered him someone. Well this is a work for regular bosnian wiki editors, I was just suggesting how it would be nice :-) --Aktron (r|d) 19:32, 19 januar 2009 (CET)[odgovori]
The most of articles was at the time as he found "the piramide". But as he say in his book: Maya were just a similar transciver between us and "them above", such a tragedy that they don´t exist. Now i know where Motorola comes from. :)--Amir pitaj 20:03, 19 januar 2009 (CET)[odgovori]
That is a real discovery. Found a hill nearly in the middle of a quite large city :-D I'd like to archieve some day something like this :-) However, time to time I think there might be any - maybe small but still - articles somewhere in the media. Maybe when I have some time I'll check it. Aktron (r|d) 20:53, 19 januar 2009 (CET)[odgovori]
I wish you luck. You have found the first one for your collection. :D --Amir pitaj 21:06, 19 januar 2009 (CET)[odgovori]