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Hello, Well, I'll try it, when I find some space and time in schedule. -- C3r4razgovor 13:07, 4 novembar 2014 (CET)[odgovori]

OK, I'm waiting. -- Trydence (razgovor) 20:46, 23 novembar 2014 (CET)[odgovori]
No, I can't – I don't write about politics nor I have time now. And you have already asked C3r4 to translate the article. [I just don't understand why Turkish – it's totally different language in terms of grammar and structure; Ukrainian (or Russian) is far more similar to Bosnian than Turkish, although we have about 10.000 Turkisms, or, more correct, orientalisms; but those are just words, not grammar]. -- KWiki (razgovor) 14:16, 26 januar 2015 (CET)[odgovori]