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Thanks a lot for reverting vandalism. Best regards--CER@ 13:49, 23 mart 2009 (CET)Reply[odgovori]

You're welcome. :-)   Wutsje 20:22, 23 mart 2009 (CET)Reply[odgovori]
There is a voting for CU. You have a right to vote, so use it :) --WizardOfOz 18:15, 19 oktobar 2009 (CEST)Reply[odgovori]
Naah, I'd better not. I'm quite confident the bs:wiki community can take its own decisions. :-)   Wutsje 19:03, 22 oktobar 2009 (CEST)Reply[odgovori]
Yes, but as "the fastest global rollbacker" on the bs.wiki you are a part of the community :) --WizardOfOz 20:45, 22 oktobar 2009 (CEST)Reply[odgovori]
As i sayed last time faster than me on my home project :) --WizardOfOz 16:39, 8 novembar 2009 (CET)Reply[odgovori]
Sorry about that. :-)   But even to me this was a clear case of vandalism. Wutsje 16:42, 8 novembar 2009 (CET)Reply[odgovori]