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Instrukcije Primjer za Alberta Einsteina: :::{{Librivox author |Albert+Einstein}}::::::or:::{{Librivox author |id=615}}::::::or:::{{Librivox author |id=615 |title=Albert Einstein}} Bilješke*Note the "+" sign replaces [space] in the first example. This leads to a search result page. To go direct to the author page, use the "id=" switch.*The optional "id=##" is for linking directly to authors page bypassing the search page. eg. http://librivox.org/author/615*See {{Librivox book}} for individual books. See also*External Link Discovery, tool for finding articles in need of LibriVox templates.*{{Internet Archive author}} for Internet Archive*{{Gutenberg author}} for Project Gutenberg*{{Wikilivres}}